Revisiting "Sex & The City": Mr. Big Appears.... And This Time, Things Will Be Different i.e. The Same

This week's regurgitated Sex & The City column, dated April 1996 (ooooh, theme song: Lush, "Ladykiller") takes place in Aspen. Which is sort of like, if Candace's usual uberrich, retardedly-named cast of characters is orange juice, Aspen would be the pungent canned Minute Maid version of that — concentrate, frozen.… »10/17/07 7:00pm10/17/07 7:00pm

Revisiting 'Sex & The City': What Do These People Deserve More Than Each Other? Hint: It's Not "Your Attention"

One of the most confusing things about the old Sex & The City columns is that Candace Bushnell actually found so many thoroughly hateful people — In real life? In her ass? Unclear! — in the pre-Rachel Zoe era. Today's oldie from the NY Observer comes from 1996, the year I went to college and listened to a lot of… »10/10/07 7:30pm10/10/07 7:30pm