New Tenn. Bill Allows Drug-Addicted Pregnant Women to Be Prosecuted

A new bill just passed by Tennessee's state legislature would allow women to be charged with assault or homicide if they have a pregnancy complication after using illegal narcotics. Troublingly, the legislation's language is so broad that advocates fear it may be used to prosecute pregnant women for non-drug-related… »4/10/14 7:00pm4/10/14 7:00pm

But Doesn't The Bush Administration Care About The Nation's Heroin Addicts?

Society has a drug problem, if numbers like these »7/28/08 10:30am7/28/08 10:30am are any indication (and they are). I mean, don't get me wrong, drugs are an excellent way for consumers to waste time, but add to that the snitch-killing and the crop dusting and the weapons stockpiling and the car detailing and wiretapping and the condom swallowing…