Jon Stewart To McCain Advisor Nancy Pfotenhauer: "What The Pfuck?!"

We've taken issue with plasticized McCain spokeswench Nancy Pfotenhauer's condescending moue »10/21/08 12:00pm10/21/08 12:00pm before, but now she's gone and pissed off Jon Stewart. You see, just like Governor Palin, Nancy is trying to separate the "real America" from the rest of us brie-eatin' baby-killin' Satanists. "Northern Virginia has gone more…

McCain's Lies and Lobbyists Piss Him Off (And Us, Too)

  • John McCain has decided that since everyone is annoyed at him for lying and being a dick when he's called out on it, he's going to say Obama is lying and being a dick when he's called out on it. That's still lying, John, you're missing the point here. [Gawker]
  • He was then promptly called out for lying again, not that…
  • »10/06/08 6:30pm10/06/08 6:30pm

Nancy Pfotenhauer Prefers The Soft Bigotry of Low Expectations To Actual Bigotry

The McCain campaign, led by Nancy Pfotenhauer Pfuckingsucks »9/29/08 1:40pm9/29/08 1:40pm, started its war of expectation management today by . Pfuckingsucks told Steve Doocy that "normally, in Vice Presidential debates, you see a more even-handed approach" to picking questions about foreign and domestic policy. Oh really? Let's check that…

John McCain Walks Away From Debates, His Pride, And America Itself

Yesterday, John McCain announced a temporary end to partisan politicking and asked Barack Obama to join him in holding hands, singing "Kumbaya" and postponing the Presidential debates until Congressional intervention ends the financial crisis, which most economists agree will be some time next year at the earliest.… »9/25/08 10:00am9/25/08 10:00am

Dear Nancy Pfotenhauer: Please Wipe That Smile Right Off Of Your Face

Nancy Pfotenhauer is the former President of the Independent Women's Forum, which doesn't represent "independent" women as much as it does conservative ones; she is also, as anyone who watches cable news as obsessively as we do knows, an advisor to the McCain campaign. As such, we are forced to watch her practice her… »9/22/08 6:00pm9/22/08 6:00pm

Rachel Maddow Rejoices: Obama Has 21 Point Surge Among White Women

Even though many thought Sarah Palin's inclusion on the GOP ticket was a ploy to get disaffected Clintonistas to vote for McCain, the latest poll »9/19/08 9:30am9/19/08 9:30am from and the shows that Obama now has a 2 point edge over McCain when it comes to white female voters — up from last week. Obama is now far ahead of McCain among women in…

McCain Surrogate Carly "SNL Was Sexist" Fiorina Goes Out With A Bang

Oh, did you hear? Carly Fiorina has canceled all her remaining television appearances this week and will be taking a short media-oxygen-free nap due to some little things she said yesterday. Other people that should join her in her media-vacuum? Maureen Dowd, who Jason »9/17/08 10:00am9/17/08 10:00am totally Rick-Rolled me with this morning, and…