Holly Madison Doesn't Like What She Sees At Playboy Casting Call

I don't understand women who say they've dreamed of being a Playboy »11/10/08 3:00pm11/10/08 3:00pm Playmate since they were little girls. While I'm not opposed to sex work, I just don't see why a pre-pubescent little girl would have aspirations that are so…adult. Last night's episode of featured Holly attending open casting calls around the…

Real Housewife, Husband, Sic Lawyers On Photog Over Naked Photos

Remember that series of nude photographs of Alex McCord of Real Housewives of New York City that surfaced a few weeks ago? Well, Ms. McCord, is, not surprisingly, having regrets. The images were taken over a year ago as part of photographer Mike Boyd's "Masks" project, a series of photos of naked models wearing Mardi… »4/22/08 4:30pm4/22/08 4:30pm