German Vogue Shows Supermodels Without Photoshop [NSFW]

June is the first month in which Vogue magazine is supposed to live up to the strictures of its new "Health Initiative," a voluntary attempt at self-regulation by the fashion bible's 19 international editions. Vogue will, as of this month, no longer "knowingly hire" models under the age of 16; it will no longer… » 5/29/12 2:30pm 5/29/12 2:30pm

Lady Gaga May Not Have A Penis, But She Makes An Attractive Man

Harper's Bazaar: Talking About That "Recession" Thing Is "Extremely…

September's Harper's Bazaar is 110 editorial pages of beautiful contradictions. Is fall about the 40s or the 80s? Do all black women roam the African savannah, or do some of them also sing in jazz clubs? Photoshop: Pro or con? » 8/19/09 3:20pm 8/19/09 3:20pm

Questions About The High Fashion & Domestic Violence In Lady GaGa's…

Lady GaGa's "Paparazzi" video hit the web about a week ago, but it took a while for us to… digest the high-fashion short film (directed by Jonas Akerlund) — which touches on fame, disability and domestic violence. » 6/10/09 1:00pm 6/10/09 1:00pm

DVF Plays Superhero, Serves Cosmos