Multitasking Is a Cruel Mistress, and It's Almost Impossible to Quit Her

Last Thursday, Katie Couric asked a panel that included Dr. Donna Rockwell, a clinical psychologist, and Dr. Mark Hyman, the chairman of the Institute for Functional Medicine, if multitasking is the enemy of mindfulness. They all agreed that yes, multitasking means doing a bunch of things crappily. Well, if that's so… »6/10/13 3:00pm6/10/13 3:00pm


Women Less Happy Than Men About Performing Every Single One Of Those Multi Tasks

Guess what? At any given time, during any given moment, you're probably not as happy as most dudes you know. And you're less happy than girls in the seventies!
Think it's society's sharpening emphasis on your superficialest qualities? Or your dumb minimum wage job's? Could it be PMS and the related phenomenon that is… »9/26/07 11:30am9/26/07 11:30am