GOP Group Calls Obama 'Metrosexual Black Abe Lincoln,' Which Sounds Totally Awesome

A Super PAC hell-bent on unseating President Obama this fall has unveiled their genius plan for convincing America that its current Commander-in-Chief is unfit to lead. Get an "extremely literate" black Republican to appear on a commercial and refer to the President as a "black, metrosexual Abe Lincoln." That would be… »5/17/12 12:10pm5/17/12 12:10pm


Rick Santorum Launches Ad Featuring Something That Looks Like the Other Santorum

Rick Santorum has conjured up a fresh way to make himself look culturally oblivious, and this time, it's scatological. A new anti-Romney ad features a guy who looks a lot like Romney shooting brown sticky balls of what looks like poop at cardboard cutouts of Santorum, a guy whose name has redefined by the internet… »2/15/12 7:00pm2/15/12 7:00pm