The Week That Became An Emotional Rollercoaster

  • This week started off with a literal bang when ex-Top Model contestant Elyse Sewell was knocked around by her crap of an indie rock boyfriend, Marty Crandall of the Shins.
  • We also had some rousing and interesting political discussions in the wake of Hillary Clinton's New Hampshire victory.
  • Dr. Ruth advised us on
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Reader Roundup

Best Comment of the Day, in response to Lisa Simpson's Love/Hate Relationship With A Girl Named Stacy: "Oh, you're right, Malibu Stacy. Fuck grad school. I'ma focus on getting back to my birth weight." We say: 6 pounds, 9 ounces of pure SEXY! • Worst, in response to Tom Cruise's Grip On Katie: Courtly? Or Controlling?:… » 1/10/08 4:45pm 1/10/08 4:45pm