Woman Arrested For Driving In Saudi Arabia

Yesterday, police in Mecca, Saudi Arabia arrested a woman in her 20s for violating the country's ban on women driving. Police say she tried to flee when she realized she'd been spotted. » 3/06/09 10:20am 3/06/09 10:20am

The Legality Of "Road Head" (Or, 13 States In Which We've Broken The…

With a bunch of states finally getting around to banning text messaging while driving, I began to wonder what other bad-idea auto activities are illegal. Actually, the only one I really care about - or engage in - is "road head" (when the driver of a car receives oral sex, for those prudes/pedestrians out there). It's… » 5/19/08 4:20pm 5/19/08 4:20pm

Driven Crazy

Honda has published a guide for female Japanese drivers.Their pamphlet (in Japanese) will "erase all your fears about driving," the car maker claims. Assuming you have any, that is. "We would like to let all women know how to drive safely. We would like to minimize accidents of women drivers," a Honda spokesman said.… » 3/11/08 12:45pm 3/11/08 12:45pm