Fox Business Host to Woman: Your Bipolar Disorder Is a Made-Up 'Fad' 

Fox Business radio host Tom Sullivan has some thoughts on mental illness and those thoughts are—you better sit down for this one—pretty dumb. Sullivan told a caller recently that her bipolar disorder was probably just Feelings and also a total fad designed to make money off suckers like her. You may be surprised to… »1/30/15 5:40pm1/30/15 5:40pm


In a Rare Display of Emotion, Robert DeNiro Gets Choked Up Talking About Parenting

As a part of their Academy Award whistle stop tour, the leading men of Silver Linings Playbook appeared on yesterday's Katie where — because Bradley Cooper's character in the film is managing bipolar disorder — the conversation inevitably turned to children who are affected by mood disorders. Director David O. Russell… »2/05/13 5:30pm2/05/13 5:30pm