What's The Monsanto Protection Act And Why Is It All Over Facebook?

You may have noticed a petition hosted on food advocacy groups like Food Democracy Now circulating on social media for the last week. If you're anything like me, you blithely scrolled over it in your search for the perfect gif, or whatever other dumbass thing was at the forefront of your brain. But here's »3/30/13 3:15pm3/30/13 3:15pm


You Can Look Forward to Playing a Workplace Version of the Hunger Games

Finding a job is hard enough these days. Then once you've got one, you've got to work your ass off while also dealing with office politics and annoying coworkers. Well, it's about to get even worse for some of you, because there's a growing trend among companies of encouraging their employees to compete in "fun"… »5/03/12 1:15pm5/03/12 1:15pm

What The Fuck Do You Think You're Doing Picking On Poor Monsanto, Vanity Fair?

The latest Vanity Fair features an extensive investigation into an eeeevil corporation called Monsanto. You may have heard of Monsanto; they make genetically-modified seeds. Long a target of the Frankenfood fearmongers and self-righteous polisci majors, Monsanto makes fancy seeds that are immune to the destructive… »4/08/08 1:00pm4/08/08 1:00pm