A.G. Mukasey Rights One Of Many Wrongs Done To Victim Of FGM

Attorney General Michael Mukasey, after getting pressure from Congress, has reversed a decision by the Board of Immigration Appeals »9/23/08 1:30pm9/23/08 1:30pm that would have sent an unnamed 28-year-old asylum-seeker back to to her home country of Mali. The woman was seeking asylum based on the fact that her tribe, the Bambara, would and any…

Raised Eyebrows Edition (Also, John McCain Is Really Old)

Men's Magazine Takes Down Bigshot Military Commander. Think It Could Happen For Vogue?

Hey guys! I know it doesn't involve $80,000 WHORES or anything, but someone actually more important than Eliot Spitzer resigned this week, and it was all on account of Esquire, the Hearst men's magazine. The official in question was William "Fox" Fallon, David Petreaus's boss, a guy who was neither whoremonger nor… »3/12/08 12:00pm3/12/08 12:00pm