Study: Child Adoptees More Likely To Turn Into Teen Terrors

If wee Zahara Jolie-Pitt turns out to be a total goth who listens to Morrissey nonstop and refuses to leave her room, Brad and Angie shouldn't blame themselves; adopted children are twice as likely to be diagnosed with an emotional or behavioral problem, says a new study out of the University of Minnesota. According… »5/06/08 9:30am5/06/08 9:30am

Regretting Motherhood: Not Every Woman Wants Rugrats

"Women who regret having children are the silent minority," writes Lucy Beresford in the Times of London. Beresford is a writer and psychotherapist who says that not all women are cut out to be mothers. "Many go ahead with pregnancy," she writes, "hoping that ambivalence will be annihilated during labor by a love-bomb… »3/03/08 12:30pm3/03/08 12:30pm

Shockers: Women Work More Than Men & "Wait" Too Long To Procreate

A new "no shit" study by Cambridge University states that women who work outside the home still do the bulk of the household chores. Men may spend longer at the office, but women work more, if you count domestic chores and paid employment. British men, for example, work an average of 55 hours a week, which includes… »12/07/07 3:20pm12/07/07 3:20pm

Adventures In "Mommy Lit": Is Marta Zinsser The New Bridget Jones?

There's a book roundup in USA Today of "Mommy Lit", a term that refers to fictional tomes with titles like Odd Mom Out and Manless In Montclair. The characters and situations are partly whimsical, partly relatable: "Marta Zinsser is a single mom who does things her own way," readsOdd Mom Out; "Motherhood seems to… »11/15/07 12:30pm11/15/07 12:30pm