Parents Who Love That Their Tweens Still Believe in Santa Are Idiots

Look, if you think your 10-year-old still believes in Santa Claus, you are stupid. Or maybe your kid is. Take your pick. Sorry (not sorry), but those are your only options. Because if your tween is telling you that they consider an overweight man circumnavigating the globe on a flying sled that somehow manages to fit… »12/10/12 6:40pm12/10/12 6:40pm

Part 2: Is Parenting For Losers? Or Are We The Losers ? A Parenting Blogger IMs Us

So, because we live in New York, where stroller antipathy is sort of, you know, compulsory, we always sort of assumed that parenting was for losers, because everyone we know who parents seems to have done it as a last resort after running out of self-generated ideas and experiences to blog about — basically, for… »3/09/07 6:16pm3/09/07 6:16pm