Dina & Ali Lohan Cop Attitude Over Suggestion That Reality TV Is The Wrong Move

Dina and Ali Lohan have been doing the press rounds for their new reality show Living Lohan premiering this weekend, and last night they were on Showbiz Tonight. The two got all defensive and rude in response to very valid questions about how Dina will keep Ali away from the same path Lindsay traveled down and whether… »5/21/08 3:00pm5/21/08 3:00pm


Don't Screw With Dina Lohan's Meal Tickets Kids

Here's a clip from Living Lohan, the reality show about momager Dina and her attempt at making her daughter Ali the new Lindsay. Dina has said that she signed up for the show because "I just want to get the message across that we are a normal family. People believe I’m this crazy party mom, [but] I have never partied… »5/19/08 2:00pm5/19/08 2:00pm