The Book Of Jezebel: I Is For Ivins, Molly

As you may have heard, on October 22nd we'll be publishing our first book, a 300-page, hardcover, illustrated encyclopedia called The Book of Jezebel. In honor of this milestone —which took many years and dozens of contributors to execute—we'll be posting one entry from the book a day, starting with "A" and… »10/03/13 3:59pm10/03/13 3:59pm


New York Times Notable Deaths: Light On The Ladies, Heavy On The Mascara

Today's NY Times includes a list of the most
notable deaths from the past year, and while women only constitute about 17% of the list, what they lack in numbers the ladies mentioned make up for in spunk and glitter. The Jezeverse is considerably less festive now that Slut Machine's favorite televised trainwreck, Anna… »12/27/07 10:00am12/27/07 10:00am

Pregnant And Smoking? You're Probably Depressed... Or Famous

  • Catherine Zeta Jones is not alone! More than one in ten pregnant women smoke, reports the AP (via MSNBC), and research suggests that many of those women suffer from depression, making quitting even more difficult. A Columbia University epidemiologist, tracked more than 1,500 pregnant women, and "22 percent smoked at…
  • »9/10/07 5:00pm9/10/07 5:00pm