"The Shocking Tragedy Of Negroes Who Pass As White"

Which part's the tragedy - that "some five million Negroes have turned their backs on their own race and are passing as white"? The racism that prompted it? The wrong-headed condescension of this gratuitously-illustrated 1960 article? [Modern_Mechanix] » 3/19/10 6:30pm 3/19/10 6:30pm

The Surrendered Wife, Depression-Style!

"If the woman in the next block would remember that she married her husband because he was her superior, and content herself with her pride in him and her delight in serving him, all might be well with them." [ModernMechanix] » 3/10/10 9:20am 3/10/10 9:20am

Cosmetics That Woulda Made Dorothy Parker Proud

Long before the advent of strawberry-flavored cocaine and the Cosmopolitan cocktail, women were enjoying other adventures in mixing fun flavors with mood-altering substances. According to this news item taken from an old issue of Popular Science, the cosmetics-minded, booze-drinking women of America were painting… » 6/28/07 2:53pm 6/28/07 2:53pm

Women Drivers Don't Know How To Shift Gears, Start Cars, Or For That…

Meadow Soprano may not be able to parallel park, but, according to a recent post on one of our favorite blogs, Modern Mechanix, female drivers once had bigger fish to fry. Like the following! "Among the driving problems which bother women, perhaps the most important are these: 1—Engine is difficult to start. 2—Gears… » 6/12/07 3:37pm 6/12/07 3:37pm

We Must, We Must, We Must Increase Our Bust

We always thought the standard of beauty in the 1920s involved a waifish figure and cute-as-a-button breasts. But if this 1924 advertisement for the "Psycho-Expander" from Popular Mechanics is any indication, there was a significant subset of flapper-girls with dreams of both stardom and major rackitude. Proving that… » 5/11/07 11:23am 5/11/07 11:23am

Orgasms, '60s-Style!

One of our favorite bizarro blogs, Modern Mechanix, has posted a magazine piece from a creepily-illustrated January 1964 issue of Sexology on "The Meaning Of Orgasm", as explained by Eustace Chesser, M.D., "one of England's leading sexologists". Notwithstanding the hilarity of an Englishman named "Eustace" explaining… » 4/16/07 4:09pm 4/16/07 4:09pm