Tyra's "Modelville": Sore Loser Fails To Escape From The Set

For the past few months, Tyra has been running a "reality series within a series" called "Modelville," that featured five Top Model alumni living in a penthouse in NYC and competing for a $50,000 spokesmodel gig with beauty care company Carol's Daughter. On today's episode, the winner - Dominique from Cycle 10 - was… » 12/01/08 7:00pm 12/01/08 7:00pm

House Party Punks Trash Former Top Models' Apartment

On yesterday's edition of Modelville » 11/06/08 12:00pm 11/06/08 12:00pm — "the reality show within the show" in which former contestants compete for a Carol's Daughter spokeswoman gig — the girls decided to throw a house party to show off their fancy schmancy Manhattan penthouse. Everything was going swimmingly until Lauren, the punk from Cycle 10,…

Top Model Alums Live In Tyra's "Modelville"

If you're a fan of Top Model » 10/21/08 7:00pm 10/21/08 7:00pm then you to be watching "Modelville," the "reality show within the show." It features five former Top Models, all living in an apartment in NYC, trying to get jobs and ultimately competing for a $50,000 contract with Carol's Daughter. Each week devotes a whole episode to "Modelville,"…