Kate Moss For TopShop Looks Great On... Kate Moss

As you may have heard, Kate Moss's last line for TopShop sold out instantly and is largely credited for the chain's strong bad-times performance. And looking at her new holiday collection, well, it does look pretty awesome. MAYBE BECAUSE KATE MOSS IS MODELING IT. Accordingly, it was necessary to rate the following… » 10/27/08 1:30pm 10/27/08 1:30pm

LOLVogue: Superhero Photo Shoot Gets Super Stoopid

The May issue of Vogue is really weird. From the RoboGwyneth cover and interior spread (do Vogue readers care a whit about Iron Man?) to the fact that Smallville's Tom Welling (???) is in a photo shoot, it's all kinds of creeptastic. This has something to do with the fact that this month, The Costume Institute's… » 5/01/08 1:00pm 5/01/08 1:00pm