Small But Memorable Roles

For many horror films, it only takes a brief scene, image, or insignificant character to set the "scary level" for the whole film. Three small roles played by women in three big horror films are the stuff that kept me afraid of the dark until, well, I guess I still am a little bit afraid of the dark. Because you… » 10/31/07 8:15pm 10/31/07 8:15pm

Asami From Audition

Watching Takashi Miike's Audition is like watching a pot of water boil. It's kinda boring and slow at first, but it begins to develop rapidly, until it's out of control and near explosive. Leading lady Asami (played by former Benetton model Eihi Shiina) is a highly disturbing villain. An aspiring actress with a dark… » 10/31/07 6:00pm 10/31/07 6:00pm

Marie From Haute Tension

The character Marie from French slasher flick Haute Tension is somewhat of a feminist icon as far as horror films go. She masturbates! She needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle! She saves the day! Or does she? Haute Tension gave us one of the biggest mind fuck endings in torture porn history. It's the story of BFFs… » 10/31/07 3:45pm 10/31/07 3:45pm

Carol Anne

Is it even possible for anyone to name a daughter Carol Anne anymore? It's completely synonymous with the adorably creepy little girl in footsie pajamas who made contact with the ghosts occupying her house, and most memorably the snow on her TV set in Poltergeist. While she was neither a killer, a monster, nor a… » 10/31/07 1:45pm 10/31/07 1:45pm


The character Vampira was the creation of Finnish-born model/actress Maila Nurmi, who began hosting The Vampira Show in 1954. In a formfitting, long black dress (that clung to her 38-17-36 measurements) with a plunging neckline, fishnets, high heels, claw-like nails, long black hair, and a belt around her cinched… » 10/31/07 10:45am 10/31/07 10:45am