Partying With The Ill Girls Of 'Missbehave' Magazine

"I'm having trouble holding the camera straight because I had a little too much Ritalin today," I apologized. "THAT'S SO MISSBEHAVE!!!" gushed a tidily attractive Asian girl named Mary in a black dress and almost spookily perfect eyeliner, as I shakily aimed my cameraphone at Samantha, a tan, girlish thirty-year-old… » 7/12/07 4:00pm 7/12/07 4:00pm

Dear 'Jane' Readers, Explain To Us What You See In 'Nylon'?

How will you replace Jane? (Or as a newly jobless Jane alum just mused to us, how will Jane replace its jobs? "Do they write about diets now? Do they turn themselves into fashionistas?") Yesterday we took a poll as to your feelings on the matter, and last we checked the vast plurality of you said Nylon. Really? Nylon?… » 7/10/07 5:30pm 7/10/07 5:30pm

What Will You Read Instead Of 'Jane'? Presuming, Er, You Read 'Jane'...

"Loneliness blows," begins a story in one of our leading contenders to replace Jane as the only women's magazine we actually enjoy reading. "And if you say that being single isn't lonely, it makes us way sadder for you, the delusional girl saying it aloud. Alone. As the words ping off your apartment wall to land in… » 7/09/07 5:36pm 7/09/07 5:36pm