Miss USA 2008: Stupid Answers To Stupid Questions

The Miss USA pageant, which aired on Friday night, wasn't the out-and-out spectacle of chicks tripping over their dresses or their words, but there were still some awesome idiotic moments—like the entire questions portion of the competition. One girl said that beauty cosmetics marketed to girls in elementary school… »4/14/08 2:20pm4/14/08 2:20pm


Miss USA 2008 AKA America's Next Top Shanna Moakler

The Miss USA pageant has always been the basic cable version of the iconic Miss America pageant, but after the "make under" that the latter received this year, the trash and flash of Miss USA is so totally welcome. Case in point: The pageant just started and there are so many sequins all over the place. Let's get… »4/11/08 9:00pm4/11/08 9:00pm