'Miss Bimbo' Creators: "Take Care Of Your Bimbo, Nurture Her, Love Her"

Ann Curry and company over at the Today show were just as incredulous about the internet game for burgeoning skanks, Miss Bimbo, as we were. In the clip above from this morning's broadcast, two adorable English moppets named Jasmine and Poppy enjoy Miss Bimbo's "big jugs and facelifts," and the dudes behind the game… »3/28/08 1:30pm3/28/08 1:30pm

New Game Encourages Young Girls To Embrace Their Inner "Bimbo"

There's a new game in England and France for girls ages 9 to 16, and it's so raunchy it makes Bratz dolls look positively Pollyanna-ish. Called "Miss Bimbo", the game is essentially an online competition in which each registered player is given a "Bimbo" all her own to take care of — sort of like those Tamagotchi »3/25/08 9:40am3/25/08 9:40am