A Night in Atlantic City for Miss America's 95th Birthday

“To Harrah’s. HARRAH’S!” slurred the woman getting on the mostly empty Greyhound bus to Atlantic City at 4 pm on Sunday. The bus smelled like Port Authority and cleaning fluid. Its limited riders were an array of earth’s varietals only visible on mass land transit: an exhausted traveler returning home to New Jersey… »9/15/15 11:15am9/15/15 11:15am


Meet the First Miss America Contestant to Reveal Her Tattoos

Much to the chagrin of the not-bra burning feminists of the 1960s, the Miss America beauty pageant scholarship fund started up its week of deliberations Tuesday evening in preparation for the final crowning on Sunday. And during last night's Lifestyle & Fitness in Swimsuit preliminary, Miss Kansas – whose real name… »9/11/13 11:20am9/11/13 11:20am