A Definitive Guide to All the Best and Worst New Fall TV Shows

It’s mad early in the year to be thinking about fall TV, I know. But the whole point of May Upfronts—where networks preview their upcoming programs—is for advertisers and critics (and all you lowly viewers) to get a taste of the best and trashiest shows guaranteed to be on television for decades. »5/20/15 11:50am5/20/15 11:50am

Vogue India Puts Fendi Bib On Impoverished Child; Critics Freak

Many of you sent us the link to the New York Times »9/02/08 12:30pm9/02/08 12:30pm story about the August issue of India, in which a woman missing teeth holds a child wearing a $100 Fendi bib. In another shot, a toothless, barefoot man holds a $200 Burberry umbrella. Another photograph shows family of three riding a motorbike, with the mother…

Using A Woman Of Color As The "Background" In A Photo Shoot: It's Not Okay

A couple of days ago, a post titled "Background Color" appeared on Racialicious. The jumping-off point is a photograph, by Alex Hoerner, from Nylon magazine (at left), in which Beth Ditto from The Gossip is playing cards with the housekeeper in a motel. And yeah, the housekeeper is a woman of color. The post's author,… »7/31/08 4:40pm7/31/08 4:40pm