Key Sandusky Witness Allegedly Changed His Story Multiple Times

It's already unclear what exactly Penn State coaching assistant Mike McQueary saw when he walked in on former coach Jerry Sandusky and a boy in a locker room shower in 2002, and now yet another version of events has emerged. Supposedly, a family friend was present when McQueary went to his father to ask what he should… »12/12/11 11:49pm12/12/11 11:49pm


Police Say Coach Is Lying, Never Reported Sandusky Abuse

There's been so much justified anger against the coaches and Penn State officials who knew about the sexual abuse allegations against Jerry Sandusky that many non-sports fans who haven't been following the story closely probably think that Joe Paterno is the abuser. Much of the reporting on the story has focused on… »11/16/11 11:06pm11/16/11 11:06pm