Abercrombie Stocks Surge After Creepy Old CEO Announces His Retirement

Mike Jeffries, the 68-year-old CEO of Abercrombie who famously geared his brand towards "the cool, popular kids" and then tried really hard to be one, announced today he will step down from his post. Immediately, Abercrombie stocks went up by 7%, presumably because investors know that his weirdo mandate to go after… » 12/09/14 12:50pm 12/09/14 12:50pm

The 5 Most Miserable Things About Working at Abercrombie & Fitch HQ

Cosmopolitan recently published a piece by a former (and anonymous) Abercrombie & Fitch corporate employee and the story speaks worlds about the company's currently flailing brand. Unsurprisingly, the internal operations of the A&F corporate headquarters are just as strange as the company's bizarre founder, Mike "No… » 10/09/13 5:30pm 10/09/13 5:30pm

Porny Abercrombie & Fitch Catalog To Make Triumphant Return To Store Shelves!

  • Holy Aryan Smut Closet Case Pride, the A&F Quarterly is back and under the same old management? Have you ever looked at this catalog? Click to see enlarged Heidi Klum!
  • ...anyway, I'm not sure it was possible to actually purchase clothes with it, because there didn't even seem to be any clothes displayed in it. (Also…
  • » 1/03/08 11:30am 1/03/08 11:30am