Period Pieces

There's a Flickr group called Not So Fresh Feeling created to collect pictures relating to menstruation. The offerings run the gamut from art projects, to vintage ads, to a picture of a discount douche, to a pair of uterus earrings, to a photo of a Pee Wee Herman doll sitting on a store shelf among boxes of Kotex. [… » 1/29/08 3:45pm 1/29/08 3:45pm

Let It Bleed: A Look Back At Period-Related Advertising

Why is it that menstrual products like tampons, pads, and PMS meds are always marketed to us in the campiest way possible? It's almost as though everyone's so embarrassed about what periods really are that cheesy-ness, euphemisms, and blue liquid are used as distractions from the fact that vaginas actually, you… » 1/24/08 6:20pm 1/24/08 6:20pm