Lifting Women Out Of Poverty: Complicated

We've always heard that microloans were a good idea — in fact, we gave to Kiva earlier this year. But Tanglad at Racialicious asserts that microcredit may be too good to be true: » 12/16/08 5:00pm 12/16/08 5:00pm

Women Are The Economic Backbone Of The New Rwanda

Those Rwandan women who are employed making "peace baskets" for Macy's — a job that helps them to repair the fissures of the ethnic civil war that saw the deaths of some 800,000 people fourteen years ago? They are part of a wave of women helping to lift Rwanda out of the poverty caused by the Hutu/Tutsi conflict. Not… » 5/16/08 9:30am 5/16/08 9:30am

Women In Industry Are Serious Business

The US government awards $400 billion a year in contracts to small business. In December, the Small Business Administration announced new rules to insure that 5% of those contracts would go to businesses owned by females. The problem? Out of 140 industries, only four are listed by the agency as those in which… » 1/17/08 1:30pm 1/17/08 1:30pm