Michael Travesser, the fire and brimstone cult leader formerly known as Wayne Bent, has been released from jail. Michael was imprisoned on charges of child molestation for lying naked with some not-quite-18-year-old members of his sect. The $55,000 bond was paid for by his son, Jeff Bent. If you'll recall, Michael had… » 5/12/08 10:45am 5/12/08 10:45am

This Week We Loved Our Moms, Our Undies, Ourselves

  • We agreed we would lie to our kids about our debauched pasts. There will be fewer than eighteen of them, trust.
  • You could do a lot of debaucherous damage with these crazy underoos from the International Male folks.
  • We didn't just talk about International Males, we discussed international and race relations, and…
» 5/09/08 6:20pm 5/09/08 6:20pm

Cult Leader's Son Tells Larry King About Dad's Affair With Ex-Wife

Michael Travesser, formerly known as Wayne Bent, the cult leader accused of sexual molestation, sent his son, Jeff Bent to Larry King last night to do some damage control. King asked Jeff about the National Geographic documentary, Inside A Cult, during which Michael talks about boning Jeff's wife. Jeff claims that the … » 5/09/08 2:30pm 5/09/08 2:30pm

Teen Cult Member: "Michael Has Washed My Brain Of All My Own Corrupt…

Remember yesterday's post about Wayne Bent, aka Michael Travesser, the prophet of a cult called the Lord Our Righteousness Church who was arrested on charges of child molestation? Well last night, the National Geographic Channel aired a documentary about Travesser and the LORs, and lordy lordy, it was bonkers. This… » 5/08/08 11:00am 5/08/08 11:00am