Chief Justice John Roberts Must Have Had an Epileptic Episode, Reason Increasingly Deluded Conservatives

Yesterday's Supreme Court ruling to uphold the Affordable Care Act came courtesy of a surprise flip by conservative Chief Justice John Roberts. Today, everyone's scrambling to write SCOTUS fanfic about why it happened — what he was thinking, whether or not he really thought the individual mandate should be upheld,… »6/29/12 6:00pm6/29/12 6:00pm


Sarah Palin's Clothes Are Great, But Are They $150,000 Great?

The news is out, and the news is that Sarah Palin's admittedly great suits cost Republican Party donors $150,000. Are they worth it? Plus, more conservatives jump on the "Colin Powell only did it because he's black" bandwagon, including Michael Savage, who knows that "they" don't like us white people anyway. Latoya… »10/22/08 10:00am10/22/08 10:00am