Project Runway Reunion Special: Michael Kors Bursts A Seam

Considering how dull the Project Runway cast has been all season, last night's PR reunion special seemed like gift from above. Gunn, Klum, Kors, Garcia, and all the designers gathered together to both laugh and scowl at one another — and of course, revel in "previously unseen" footage. Special moments abounded, like… » 2/21/08 5:00pm 2/21/08 5:00pm

Project Runway's Michael Knight's Summer 2007 Sellout

Poor Michael 'Mychael' Knight. We loved him on Project Runway, Season 3. That Pam Grier-inspired outfit! (The only time we've ever wanted to don shorts in our entire life.) And he loves his mom. Sure, our faith in him started to waver in the finale, with his god-awful runway show. But even then we gave him the… » 7/20/07 6:12pm 7/20/07 6:12pm