Political Commentary Gets Even More Diverse (Because Joe Scarborough Used To Live In Florida)

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough and three-time editor-in-chief Michael Kinsley clearly have something left to tell us, or so Politico's hiring them suggests. Dana Goldstein imagines the hiring conversation: "Kinsley is not a doctrinaire liberal. That's important because liberals are so boring." »9/10/10 12:40pm9/10/10 12:40pm


5 Ways For Ladies To Make The Most Of All That Time They Waste Applying Makeup

Today the UK is issuing a lofty challenge to female citizens: Go A Day Without Makeup! Horrors! Thankfully, famous pundit Michael Kinsley knows this is not possible in American society. He knows because he goes on TV and has to wear makeup himself, which explains why men on TV are so much more empathetic with the… »3/27/08 12:00pm3/27/08 12:00pm