The Greatest Spies In Pop Culture, Ranked


If you believe fiction, spies are everywhere. You cannot turn around without bumping into someone in a wig, armed with a gun masquerading as a tasteful pair of earrings, and carrying secret plans in microdot form. There are so many, we decided to rank them. » 2/12/15 5:07pm 2/12/15 5:07pm

Vogue Model/Photographer/Muse Suspected Of Spying In Wartime

Lee Miller — Surrealist muse, WWII photojournalist, Vogue staffer, gourmet cook — is pretty much the archetypal model-slash. But it was Miller's rumored communism that led the MI5 to spy on her for 20 years. » 3/03/09 3:00pm 3/03/09 3:00pm