Stylist/Reality Star Rachel Zoe Would Like Some Sympathy

  • Poor Rachel Zoe! "I thought: I've done blood, sweat and tears for 15 years - why am I the victim here? I have had the nastiest things said about me! I don't understand." [NY Post]
  • Shockingly, the CFDA's "Health Booth" (which educates fashionistas about eating) is deserted. [NY Mag]
  • You already knew Sean Lennon was an…
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Real Housewives Of New York: Fabulous Homes, Fabulous Vacations, Fabulous...Husbands?

The Real Housewives of New York, Bravo's new reality show set to premiere next week, aired today for some reason, and it looks like it might be even more addicting than The Real Housewives of Orange County. There are five women this time, four of whom live on the Upper East Side and "summer" in the Hamptons. The… »2/26/08 5:00pm2/26/08 5:00pm