Your Dating App Is Probably Not Going to Fix Dating for Women

Here's some hot tech news about a hot new app with a hot new idea: Bumble is a forthcoming app that appears to be yet another product devoted to creating "a safe and respectful community" for single women looking to find love. They're working to weed out the charming boneheads who frequent the dating apps you're… »11/24/14 5:10pm11/24/14 5:10pm


Venezuelan Beauty Queen Has Mesh Sewn to Tongue So She Can't Eat

In the clip above, 2013 Miss Venezuela First Runner-Up Wi May Nava describes the plastic surgery she underwent to compete in pageants (boob and nose jobs). She also talks about the piece of mesh that she has sewn to her tongue so that she can't eat solid foods (this description, btw, took place before she won her… »2/06/14 8:55pm2/06/14 8:55pm

FDA Criticized For Approving Controversial Vaginal Mesh

Thanks to a surgical mesh that was implanted in 2007, 65-year-old Marci Sutin Levin is in such excruciating pain that she can't work, sleep through the night, or have sex. "The pain of childbirth was finite, and you're delivering a child," she says. "This was very, very different. It's relentless, and it's untenable.… »9/07/11 11:58pm9/07/11 11:58pm