Eau De McDreamy: Patrick Dempsey Unveils "Unscripted"

  • Okay, it's slightly less random than it seems: Dempsey's wife, Jillian, has been Avon's global creative color director since July 2006. Not that this really excuses it. Or why WWD refers to "Unscripted", ominously, as the actor's "first scent." And about that name: does he really want to take credit for ad-libbing…
  • » 7/22/08 11:30am 7/22/08 11:30am

Everyone Loves Lindsay Lohan's Luxe Leggings

  • Clearly, LiLo has found her calling: purveyor of last year's trends! The former-redhead's leggings have sold out at Intuition boutique in L.A. and the waiting list grows longer by the day. [<a href="http://news.yahoo.com/s/eonline/20080718/en_celeb_eo/717b33af2f10_4c76_8844_

  • Kill me right now.…
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