WTF Moment On Morning TV

Kate Jackson is awesome. Talking to Today about her friend Farrah Fawcett - and a lawsuit filed against the ailing Angel - she proved herself adept at playing dumb... or susceptible to early morning calltimes. » 5/15/09 9:30am 5/15/09 9:30am

Tina Fey Keeps Perspective By Cleaning Up Baby Poop

Tina Fey's love for talking about poop is almost as great as our love for talking about Tina Fey talking about poop. On this morning's Today show, Fey entertained Meredith Vieira with stories about her daughter, Alice, along with tales from the Baby Mama set. "When you are chasing someone around with a pull up trying… » 4/24/08 12:30pm 4/24/08 12:30pm