Woman Puts Menstrual Blood in Her Boss's Coffee, Ruins His Mornings Forever

If you thought putting shit in someone's food was the nastiest possible way to get revenge, think again. A woman named Jumiah in Singapore took things to a whole new level when she put some of her menstrual blood in her boss's coffee. Why don't we all take a minute to say "Ahhhhhuckuggthhhuuh" as we realize that, yes,… »5/23/12 10:50am5/23/12 10:50am

Thanks, 'Superbad', For Elevating Period Blood To The Ranks Of Bodily Fluids Employed In Comedies

A few hours ago we got an email from a friend who attested to be the only person under the age of 63 who did not love Superbad. "Did you not find the period blood stuff offensive?" she wanted to know, referring to the scene in the movie at which a drunk girl exacts revenge against her boyfriend by humping Jonah Hill… »8/28/07 5:50pm8/28/07 5:50pm