Study: Not All Footballers Are Misogynistic, Homophobic Asshats

When it comes to stereotypical icons of sexism, football players are up there with frat boys and Christina Hoff Summers. But new research published in the Journal of Gender Studies suggests their womanizing, homophobic reputation may not be wholly deserved. » 10/13/10 4:52pm 10/13/10 4:52pm

The Media Is Way Behind On The Matter Of Men

These days every publication and its dad are asking, "What's the matter with men?" Something might actually be changing in America, but the media doesn't really know how to talk about it. » 9/22/10 4:45pm 9/22/10 4:45pm

"The Man's Guide To Love" Has Stolen Our Hearts

Some of the dudes interviewed on The Man's Guide to Love have deep thoughts about relationships. Some don't. Others are just awful. But all are fascinating. » 4/21/10 4:20pm 4/21/10 4:20pm