Why Is Page Six Magazine Suddenly The Only Thing Worth Reading On Sunday?

Dear Page Six Magazine,
So I think I hinted at this last week, but I've pretty much reversed my position on your magazine. It's become my favorite thing to "read" on Sundays, from Lydia Hearst's awfulsome column to "Block Watch" to the fashion spread you did this week on how to dress appropriately for the neighborhood… »11/19/07 3:30pm11/19/07 3:30pm


Dear Page Six Mag, "Is Lydia Hearst Just Trying To Sound Like An Idiotic Asshole So That Gawker Will Cover Her?"

Dear Page Six Magazine,:
Congratulations! Like a true target audience member I read your latest issue intently over brunch, simultaneously transfixed and appalled, a combination of emotions I generally associate exclusively with the New York Times Sunday Styles Section. There was the cover line, attributed to some… »11/06/07 2:00pm11/06/07 2:00pm

Dear Page Six Mag, If At First You Don't Succeed... Don't Invite Back Jennifer Esposito?

Dear Page Six Magazine,
Decent issue this week! I know, I always say that, only to go off some tangent involving me shitting all over something because I can't help myself it's what I do, but before I get to that I'd like to point out the serendipity of your feature, "Congrats! You're Out Of A Job!" by Helen… »10/30/07 8:30pm10/30/07 8:30pm

Dear Page Six Mag: Ally Hilfiger Is Actually A Monumental Figure In History

Dear Page Six Magazine,

Holy Denim, Batman! It's Ally Hilfiger on your cover, and my does she almost make up for the whole "looking exactly like her uglyass dad" thing with smokin hotness! So first things first: Congrats on the "get." Ally is the reason we're all here, watching roughly ninety hours a week of… »10/22/07 3:30pm10/22/07 3:30pm

Dear Page Six Mag, Skinny Jeans Were Kinda Four Years Ago...

Dear Page Six Magazine,
This is not going to go into the P6 annals as one of your best week. Your cover girl Samaire Armstrong's whole "I don't really drink" comment hit the newsstands the day after she checked into rehab, and, lessee.... a whopping 8 1/2 pages of ads. T-Mobile, Mercedes, Icelandair, Bucks County.... … »10/15/07 6:30pm10/15/07 6:30pm

Dear 'Page Six Magazine', You're Probably Wondering Who Died And Made Me Ombudsbitch

Dear Page Six Magazine Editor In Chief Margi Conklin,
In Jezebel's short life I've already seen a few women's magazines die, even more when you count the ones with fatwas. But yours is the first women's magazine to be born into this trying time, and I have to be honest with you when it sucks, even though I wrote a… »10/01/07 1:00pm10/01/07 1:00pm