So Rosie, About That Photograph Of Your Daughter In An Ammunition Belt...

Dear Rosie,
I need to start off by saying that I am quite possibly one of your biggest fans. Ever. I loved you when you had your own talk show and your boundless love for Broadway has always pulled at my heart strings in all the right ways. And, of course, there was that stand-out performance in A League of Their Own,… »6/27/07 11:06am6/27/07 11:06am

Dear Women's Magazine Editors: Please Stop It With The Rich, Matchy-Matchy, &%#!#!^% Merch Already

Glossed Over's vain and vitriolic blogger is taking her favorite target, Lucky, to task for its unyielding — and subsequently totally meaningless — use of the word "rich" to describe various items (sandals, bags, blouse) featured in the July issue. Does "rich" mean "expensive" she asks? "Shiny"? "High-quality?"… »6/19/07 12:13pm6/19/07 12:13pm

Starbucks Chairman Howard Schultz, Please Bring Back The Whole Milk

Dear Chairman Schultz:
As a former "partner" of yours in the world's premier purveyor of legal liquid stimulants, I read with some chagrin the news that Starbucks is changing its default milk whole to 2%. See, there are only so many ways a Starbucks barista can retaliate against a certain breed of excruciatingly-thin,… »6/01/07 12:49pm6/01/07 12:49pm