Model Who Livetweeted Being Hit on by Creepy Guy on Airplane is Lying, Says Creepy Guy

Last week, model Melissa Stetten had the apparent misfortune of sitting next to soap actor Brian Presley on a plane. According to Stetten's Twitter feed, Presley lied about not having a wife and was drinking beer the whole time, which is interesting because he has a wife and kids and is usually pretty sanctimonious… »6/12/12 6:40pm6/12/12 6:40pm


Creepy Dudes Who Can't Take No For an Answer Are Fair Game for Mass Ridicule

Was it the justified outing of a minor celebrity cheater or a cruel and dishonest act of self-promotion? The debate over model Melissa Stetten's now infamous tweets about soap actor Brian Presley's clumsy, malapropism-laden attempt to hit on her during a cross-country fight has gone viral. In case you missed it, the… »6/11/12 3:50pm6/11/12 3:50pm