Melissa Rivers Says Kathy Griffin 'Shit All Over My Mother'

If you thought the annoying fire that all but consumed E!’s Fashion Police had finally been put out, you were sadly mistaken. Slide down the this again? pole, hop on the who cares? truck, and the unleash your enough already hose, because Melissa Rivers just poured a big tank of gasoline—and tossed a highly flammable … »5/14/15 10:30am5/14/15 10:30am

Beyoncé’s Bonehead Bodyguards Block Father From Seeing His Sick Babies

She's only just come up for air, but Blue Ivy has already caused her very first storm of controversy after a man claims Beyoncé's security team were acting like a bunch of dicks and wouldn't let him into Lenox Hill Hospital's NICU to see his premature twin daughters. "Three times they stopped me from entering or… »1/09/12 9:00am1/09/12 9:00am

Tim Gunn Is Totally Normal: "I Wear Jeans & T-Shirts All The Time"

  • Everyone's favorite human being, Tim Gunn, likes Dunkin' Donuts (Grace Mirabella turned him onto it.) And he can't afford to buy an apartment in New York, either! (Stars! They're just like us!) [Time Out New York]
  • Simon Doonan, the woman's champion, bemoans that there's "a lot of conformity, a lot of blonde hair ... I…
  • »9/25/08 11:30am9/25/08 11:30am

Fun & Fugly Fashions Were On Display At The Lisa Kline Store In L.A.

Party-loving publicist Jonathan Cheban launched his Kritik clothing line at the celeb-friendly Lisa Kline store in Los Angeles last night, and Spring was in the air! How could you tell? For starters, the red carpet was pink. And the Hollywood ladies rocked their little dresses (or shorts) with huge smiles on their… »4/11/08 11:30am4/11/08 11:30am