Iowa Supreme Court Lets Women Know They Can Be Fired For Being Too Hot

Iowa is a far more liberal state than it often gets credit for. Lumped in the middle of the country between Wisconsin – whose leaders have been doing some great work lately – and Kansas – which also rocks our socks off – Iowa chugs along, boasting a political life that's pretty evenly divided between conservatives… »7/12/13 3:20pm7/12/13 3:20pm


Iowa Supreme Court Says It Was Totally Cool for a Dentist to Fire His ‘Irresistibly Attractive’ Female Employee

The most esteemed Iowa circle jerk all-male Iowa Supreme Court ruled 7-0 on Friday that a dentist was totally within his legal rights when he fired his female assistant because he and his wife all held hands and decided that the woman was a threat to their marriage. In other words, a female employee in Iowa was fired… »12/22/12 12:00pm12/22/12 12:00pm