Vagina Monoblogs: Mel B (Not The Spice Girl!) Abdicates Post, Alyssa Shelasky Remains Inimitably Alyssacentric

Melanie Boyer is mysteriously leaving after two years as the dating blogger for Washington City Paper, which made us vaguely sad, since even though she never writes anything obnoxious/unself-aware enough for us to feel compelled to blog about, we actually just sort of enjoyed reading it for pleasure. Until we asked… »4/10/07 8:45pm4/10/07 8:45pm


Vagina Monoblogs: Alyssa Shelasky Not Only A Bad Writer, She Also Has Bad Taste In Writing!

  • Alyssa Shelasky, to whom we will heretofore refer as Real Estate Mogul Alyssa Shelasky since she is no longer really a dating blogger since she does not actually ever blog about dating, excerpts this new book by the frigtards behind Collegehumor and she quotes her favorite lines:
    People will generally be happy with…
  • »3/29/07 11:05am3/29/07 11:05am