Meggings Are Actually Kind of Becoming a Thing

Despite previous evidence that meggings were probably not going to happen, it now seems that the male legging could become a Transatlantic fashion trend, especially since fashion icons like Justin Bieber (!) and Russell Brand (!!) and Lenny Kravitz (!!!) have been spotted showing off their shapely calves and kneecaps… » 12/09/12 2:15pm 12/09/12 2:15pm

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Are "Meggings" The Next Big Trend? Probably Not.

Male leggings, or "meggings" are currently causing a stir in Tokyo, according to the folks at InventorSpot, who posted this video about the trend. However, 62% of women polled about meggings found them "uncool." Sorry, Lindsay. [InventorSpot] » 10/24/09 5:10pm 10/24/09 5:10pm