Army Doctor Tortured Pigs, Simulated Date Rape For 'Experiments'

Dr. John Henry Hagmann, a retired Army lieutenant colonel who now teaches soldiers and military medical personnel, has been suspended for a series of deeply fucked-up-sounding experiments that involved torturing live pigs and dosing his students with ketamine and alcohol, then forcing them to perform dubious, highly… »6/10/15 10:00am6/10/15 10:00am


Canadian Scientists Did Psychic Experiments on First Nations Kids 

A paper from 1943 unearthed recently in the Canadian national archives reveals that a quack scientist tested children at the Brandon Indian Residential School in Manitoba for psychic abilities. The children were already being used as test subjects in medical "experiments" as well as nutritional ones, which mainly… »1/16/15 5:20pm1/16/15 5:20pm