Time's Me Me Me Generation Is, Aptly, the Internet's New Favorite Meme

If you're going to write about how self-involved Millennials are, you'd better be prepared for that generation to complain about you on all forms of social media. Or you might have asked for the piece to be written because you're a totally brilliant editor who enjoys traffic trolling. At least, that's what many peopleā€¦ » 5/10/13 10:50am 5/10/13 10:50am

Celebrities Predictably Make "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" Repeal All About Them

Yesterday, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid Tweeted "WE DID IT" to Lady Gaga and Gaga in turn reported she cried tears of joy over the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" repeal's passage in the Senate. Oh, brother. » 12/19/10 11:35am 12/19/10 11:35am