Matt and Amy Roloff of Little People, Big World Have Separated

Matt and Amy Roloff, the couple at the center of of TLC's Little People, Big World, have announced their decision to separate after 26 years of marriage. I've only seen the show once or twice, so I have little understanding of their family dynamics, but I wish them and their kids the best. I can't imagine how… »3/13/14 8:00pm3/13/14 8:00pm

'I May Reach Out' to Lindsay Lohan, Says Mel Gibson, Best Idea-Haver Ever

This can only end well. Mel Gibson says he "may reach out" to Lindsay Lohan to help her through her current, um, rough patch. As much as I want to mock and deride him for being a rageaholic anti-Semite or whatever (I can't keep track anymore), in the video Mel actually comes across as kind of humble and endearing and… »12/04/12 8:10pm12/04/12 8:10pm